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Is there any better feeling than stepping outside your front door, into the warm sun, looking out over the yard, and knowing that you have nothing to do to your yard. All the grass is perfect maintained. The trees and bushes are trimmed perfectly. The mulch in the front beds, and around the trees is tidy and full. There are no weeds sprouting up around your landscaping and the side of the house is uncluttered by unwanted vegetation.

At FA Lawn Service and Landscaping that is our goal. We want to make sure that you step out outside your door and breath a sigh of relief, knowing that your lawn is being taken care of by people who truly care about your yard. Your yard is a testimony for how much we care.

We have been proudly serving the Currituck County and Chesapeake areas for years, and because of our dependable dedication, we have been able to establish a reputation that is rock solid in our area.

Our Services

Weekly Lawn Care Service

Weekly Lawn Service

We recommend weekly lawn service. Once a week one of lawn service professionals will come by and mow your lawn to our professional standards. You can expect our service to be fast and efficient. Our service is availble througout the entire year, during the warmer and cooler months. You may have different needs througout the year, and we want to make sure that we stay flexible if your needs change during the year.

We will make sure that the weed eating / string trimming is take care of, everywhere that it is needed. There can be a lot of different obstacles in and around a property. We trim around the house, flower beds, gardens, play areas and any other areas that a mower may not be able to reach.

All of the grass clippings are cleaned off the hard surfaces such as the driveway, the side walk, and the side of the street. We will then complete the job with complete edging around around any hardscapes that need to be well defined.

Contact us today and get your lawn service needs handled once and for all.

Mulching Service

Mulching Service

One of the commonly over simplified ways of improving the soil and the entire landscape of a property is by simply adding a quality mulch. Mulching is foundational to have a healthy lawn and landscape. Anytime you see a yard that is appealing to the eye and looks well cared for, it is not just the quality of the grass or the most recent mow that has this effect. Mulching in the right locations, with the right mulch is just as important as the lawn care itself.

Mulch doesnt just make the yard look cleaner, and more well kept It actually improves the quality of the soil. This, of course, leads to less water erosion and healthier growth for any plants and trees that are mulched. It’s truly incredible how much moisture is retained into the ground by simply having this layer of organic material separating the ground from exposure to the sun.

Mulching will also add another benefit beside healthier growth. It will also prevent unwanted weed growth. Weeds that are under the mulch for a lenth of time without being able to reach the sunlight will eventually completely die out and biodegrade into the ground.

There are many different options of material to use for mulching. Soil improvement will not take place nearly as well when using sythetic materials. Synthetics are not recommended if you intend to have landscaping plant life growing within the mulch. However, if you simply want nothing ever growing in an area, synthetics can work well, and since they will not biodegrade, you will not need to add more very often.

Organic mulching will need to be added to every few years to keep the soil condition alwasy imporving, but it is usually the cheapest option.

We have many years of experience in helping our customers decide what is the most beneficial selection for their unique situation, and the improvements are vast.

One of the commonly overlooked ways of improving the soil and the entire landscape of a property is by simply adding a quality mulch. Mulch actually improves the quality of the soil which, of course, leads to the plants on your property having healthier growth.

Tree and Bush Trimming

Bush Trimming, Cleaning and Weeding

Get your bushes and weeds under control and looking great.

Why You’ll Love Us

We take pride in our work, we love what we do, and we love our customers. We believe our dedication to delivering timely service and quality lawn care have won us lot of happy customers and we would love to add you to the family.

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